What is 40 Day Prayer?

Following Jesus Together

The 40-day Prayer Covenant is tool for active discipleship. It's a guide for engaging with God and others in a structure that allows for meaningful and deep impacting prayer.

Meant to be used to introduce and capture the essence of prayer in a simple addition to your daily life-walk with God to others, the 40-day Prayer Covenant breaks through the "how do I get started?" barriers.

The Way it Works

Step 1

Knowing & Loving

Make knowing and loving God your #1 priority for these 40 days.

Step 2


Ask Jesus to forgive your sins, and help you stop your sin patterns.

Step 3

The Holy Spirit

Invite the Holy Spirit to guide and empower you to pray.

Step 4


Select a quiet place and time to pray unhurriedly.

Step 5


Find at least one prayer partner and hold each other accountable.

Step 6


Ask God to show you others whom you might invite into this.

Step 7

Ask God

For lifelong growth in prayer, wisdom, maturity, and love.

Get the Book!

Jerry Kirk, pastor and international Christian leader, provides a clear and practical way to pray that will disciple you and those for whom you pray, into a exciting world changing mission.

  • Book Excerpt...
    "Dear Father, thank you for your grace that has made me one of your dearly loved children. Grace and love go hand in hand. God does not love us because we deserve it but because He is gracious."
  • Testimonials about the Prayer Covenant
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The Prayer Covenant is about developing your relationship with God, and growing with others in prayer together.  Connect with The Prayer Covenant:

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