A Transformed Boy

A mother, who was a member of one of our church planter’s churches, came to the church planter and his wife, sharing her concerns about her son, Akash, who fell into bad company of friends. He became very disobedient, disrespectful, and lost all interest towards studying.

Hearing the agony of the mother, the church planter couple offered to counsel her son. When Akash came to the couple, they introduced him to the Kids’ Prayer Covenant book. He loved it right away, as it had so many colorful images and a simple technique to understanding the stories of the Bible.

Akash developed interest in the program and starlet to come regularly to church so he could learn more stories and learn how to pray. They told him about Jesus while sharing the stories. Akash accepted Jesus as his Savior. He learned how to live a good Christian life through the Prayer Covenant stories and started praying.

After several weeks, the mother came to the church planters, thanking them for helping bring transformation to their son. He was a totally changed boy. The couple thanked God.

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