The Different Types of Locksmith Companies

The Different Types of Locksmith Companies There are a wide range of locksmith providers in the U.S.. Every type of lock needed and each will require providers that are various, depending on the lock requirement and budget. You do not … Continued

Nurturing a Heart of Compassion

Raising my kids in Asia had its benefits. It caused them to experience and acclimate to new cultures very comfortably. They had a sense of Whose they were at a young age and developed a sensitivity towards those who were … Continued


We can talk to our kids until we are blue in the face about faith, works, attitudes, or behaviors; but until our children understand God’s great-big, all-encompassing, all-powerful love, it will be just words. For them to experience His love … Continued


This past Sunday I was teaching on Commitment, Line 6 of the Children’s Prayer, “Jesus, I want to follow you as my Lord. Change me any way you want.” The illustrated story in the kids’ book reflects Peter’s denial of … Continued

French Speaking Africa

Fidele Zouma is from Burkina Faso and a national children’s leader and trainer in his country. We met in NYC at the 4/14 Conference in October. Shortly after my return he wrote me with a burden on his heart. He … Continued

Candy Marballi Interviewed for The Dove TV

After the National Press Release announced the Illumination Award for the kids’ book, I received an email of enquiry from The Dove Christian television station requesting a copy of The Power of the Prayer Covenant for Kids. Polina, the Executive … Continued

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The picture below references a group of boys, a prayer army–one of many in Uganda. Seven prayer armies were started at the very first 40 Day Prayer Covenant for the first Kids Prayer breakfast on November 17th. They named their … Continued

My Grace is Sufficient

I am always amazed at the fervor, faithfulness and joy in tribulation from our brothers and sisters serving in developing countries. They face floods, injuries, sickness, and day-to-day struggles just getting from Point A to Point B. One leader had … Continued

Without Vision, the People Perish

One of the blessings of serving on staff in this ministry is the gift of personally corresponding with internationals who are carrying the Prayer Covenant forward in their part of the world. And so I will take every opportunity available … Continued