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  • children and the gospel

    Living a Prayerful Life | Story from Liberia

    Psalm 2:8, Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance…” Psalm 2 looks forward to the day when Jesus will be crowned as King of the whole earth. Our team is always encouraged when we receive testimonies from...

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  • Peace of god

    Let Your Petitions Be Made Known to God

    We have a wonderful story from our partners in Colombia. He shares, I consider The Prayer Covenant project to be one of the most beautiful and complete projects in which we have participated as a Church. In teaching God’s word...

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  • prayer resources

    Resources on Prayer | The Prayer Covenant

    Prayer Resources It is with a great pleasure that I’m sharing with you how my life has been transformed through the Prayer Covenant. My name is Eric. I’m 17 years old and I’m from Democratic Republic of Congo. I met...

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  • Prayer is power

    Stories on How Parents Use The Prayer Covenant

    Our leaders often hear from parents who have used the prayer covenant resources to minister to their children. Today is one of those stories. I trust it will bless you. Passage from Philippians Philippians 4:6 and 7 is a passage...

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  • Focus your Prayers

    The Power of The Prayer Covenant for Children: Authority

    I often reference a book entitled The Power of the Prayer Covenant for Children and thought I’d spend a few minutes giving you a feel for the book. It has ten chapters, each on a particular theme or line of...

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  • families in prayer

    The Prayer Covenant in Africa and Asia

    The Prayer Covenant is ministering among the poorest of the poor throughout Africa and Asia. Our stories are often from restricted countries we cannot name where you would never imagine the gospel being shared, but thankfully there are faithful, godly,...

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  • desire to pray

    Struggling with Prayer

    How many of us have struggled in the area of prayer and teaching our children to pray or praying with our children. In the business of life, it can be easily set aside or forgotten. Reminding ourselves of the greatest...

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