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We are humbled and amazed at what God is doing around the world when children are taught to pray. Below are videos about The Prayer Covenant for Kids along with updates from around the world. Please feel free to share these stories and visions with your family, friends and church.


Reverend Rufus Reeves of St. Simon Baptist Church Monrovia, LIBERIA.

I was looking for a new way to minister to children so they will understand and develop a prayer life and praying a Christ-centered Prayer and live in obedience for Christ. Even today, I went to some place to try to initiate a regular meeting with children. But I tell you, I don’t really know with which tools I should minister to them to achieve the burden that I have. So welcome Prayer Covenant!


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The Prayer Covenant Experience
The Dominican Republic, Winter/Spring 2017

Getting Organized for Spread the Prayer Covenant

The town of Villa Altagracia is a village at the entrance of the northern region of the country. Pastor Jose Mejia and his wife, Maria, from one of our Kids Prayer Covenant Campaign churches, received training from our team who trained the entire battery of church leaders, but the pastor decided to develop the campaign involving only 11 of their leaders. They acquired copies of The Power of the Prayer Covenant for Kids tool and launched the 40 Day prayer campaign. They then commissioned its 11 leaders to invite 10 children from their respective communities and develop the prayer agenda for 40 days.


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The Prayer Covenant for Kids Uganda Program

Pr. Moses Kalanzi – Senior Pastor; Grace Bible Church, Mpigi.

We received the Adult book of the 40 Day Prayer Covenant from Patrick and it has challenged me and my wife to devote more time to prayer. We used to pray casually but this book opened my eyes that there is more to prayer than presenting our needs to God. Through it, we conceived the idea of forming a marrieds’ prayer covenant group with three couples. We meet monthly and are guided by the principles given by Dr. Kirk to renew our relationship to God and with one another.


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