Training of trainers video

This “Training of Trainers” video is great for all leaders wanting to implement The Prayer Covenant for Children within their church and ministry networks. This video will take you step-by-step through the prayer and ten-lesson leader’s book, including fun experiential Bible games by Pastor DJ. Be inspired to immediately pray and to equip children to pray in a way that challenges everyone to live a lifestyle of prayer! Share this video with everyone on your team.


lesson Resource videos

Use these fun, engaging videos to  empower your children on their prayer covenant journey. These 19 minute videos were produced by Christian Life Assembly Kids Team and are a great online resource to use within your own church or ministry.

the 10 lesson Theme overview videos

Join Candy Marballi, President and CEO of The Prayer Covenant, as she walks through each of the ten themes of The Prayer Covenant for Children’s book. Candy guides both children and facilitators through interactive methods to learn and engage with the thematic prayers. The diverse learning strategies range from group discussion questions to rhythmic and lyrical raps for kids. Each of the ten videos asks and addresses each of the following questions:

Can you say it?

Walks through the line of the prayer and corresponding memory verse

Can you feel it?

Shares the highlighted Bible story and helps children connect the story with their own lives and hearts

Can you hear it?

Leads through fun, simple and catchy raps


Can you do it?

Helps children apply the theme to their lives and deepen their relationship with Jesus

Can you find it?

Digs deeper into the Word to study the theme and equips children to do the same

Each of the ten themes from The Prayer Covenant for Children also include these interactive methods to learn and engage with the thematic prayers.

Popcorn prayer

A quite time for children to experience prayer personally by praying one-line prayers

Play it!

Interactive games to help discover the prayer principle in a fun, thoughtful way


Colorful worksheet for each lesson allows the child to review what they have learned


It’s a RAp!

Interactive leader/child activity to have fun and help "rap" up the session.

Talk It!

In-depth discussion starters to encourage conversation and interaction

We have created this 25 page Powerpoint presentation to help walk through the parts of the Prayer Covenant along with the verses. Fill free to use this Powerpoint in your teaching, workshops and training as together we encourage God’s people to pray through the prayer covenant around the world. Please click below to download.



We all know how much easier it is for children to memorize passages when put to music. The Prayer Covenant Songs allow the children to sing-along as they learn the prayer. Song one teaches the first five themes and Song two the latter five themes of the prayer. Both are available on iTunes. Use these songs to enhance both worship and teaching of the Prayer Covenant.

© 2017, written and produced by Paul Rasmusse, Mariemont Community Church worship team.




both songs embedded into Power Point

the prayer covenant for Children's Play It Games!

Play It Games includes a fun game for each of the 10 prayer lessons. Children have fun playing the game then have an “aha” moment when they personally discover the connection between the game and the prayer principle. Step-by-step instructions for each game and follow up questions that lead to personal discovery are included.





13 pages | 8.5x11
Free Download



Kidstory bible retell Lessons for the prayer covenant for Children!

KIDStory Bible lessons are a fun and creative way to teach the Prayer Covenant for Children’s BIble stories. Prayer Covenant for Children is grateful to KIDStory for sharing with us this effective, interactive strategy to connect kids with Jesus and His story. Use this partner resource to provide an engaging and inventive way to teach the BIble stories to your children in a way they can understand and share with others.

36 pages | 8.5x11
Free Download

KIDStory Bible Lessons

Step 1 - Pray the prayer by yourself every day for 10 days.

Step 2 - As you pray the prayer, ask Jesus to show you who He might want you to invite into a prayer covenant.

Step 3 - Invite that person to pray the prayer for you for 40 days as you pray it for them. It may be your friend, mom, dad, sister, brother, grandparent, teacher or pastor.

Step 4 - Share with your prayer partner ways in which God is answering your prayers. You could write it down or draw a picture.

Step 5 - Memorize the assigned Bible verses.

Step 6 - Share the good news of Jesus with others.

Step 7 - Repeat the above steps with new prayer partners so you can follow Jesus together.

GRACE - Dear heavenly Father, thank you for loving me and making me one of your children.

LOVE - Help me love and obey you.

Compassion - Help me love others the way you love me.

Repentance - I am sorry for my sins. Wash me clean.

Worship - I will praise you with my whole heart!

Commitment - Jesus, I want to follow you as my Lord. Change me any way you want.

Dependence - Fill me with your Holy Spirit. I want to know your plans for me.

Influence - Make me an messenger of your grace, truth and justice.

Discipleship - Use me for your glory and to invite others to follow you.

Authority - In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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