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The Prayer Covenant is excited to be part of Go DECADE, a movement to see every person on earth reached with the gospel. Let’s disciple our children and youth in prayer and evangelism and release them as a global harvest force throughout the nations.

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Dear Mrs. Candy,

This is Hadassah.  We love the pictures and the prayer calendar. We were so excited to see our prayers there and to read other children's prayers also. Me and my sibling will be fasting once a week till the end of the forty days. Thank you for allowing us to participate in the calendar, my brother, Eli-Lee's favorite picture was the little boy in the power, he thought he was a superhero.  I think my favorite part is the fact that all the prayers were written by children of God, just like us. Thank you again for allow me and my sibling to be a part of harvest for the kingdom of the LORD.

Sincerely  Hadassah Lawson

P.S.  I hope to meet you one day




The prayer calendar is so well developed.  The thought of having pictures attached to the prayer's points was so great and relevant to kids.  I wanted to see the my kids reaction to the calendar. I opened the calendar and just watched their reaction. They were first drawn to the pictures then to the prayer points. They decided to fast one day a week. Hadassah wants to fast on Monday, the rest of them decided to do it on the weekend. I was so excited to see all of them so enthusiastic to use the prayer guide.

May the Lord see the hearts of all these little kids' prayers that are been lift up around the world,  and may He bring many souls into his kingdom.

Rev. Nina Lawson

Associate Director of World and Local Missions



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join the 20/20 Challenge

You’re invited to join CTK Ferndale’s 20/20 Challenge! The challenge is to make time each day to grow in your relationship with Jesus by spending 20 minutes in scripture and 20 minutes in prayer.

Click the link below to find links to the Bible reading plan, the prayer covenant guide, and a verse of the week to memorize. At the end of each day’s reading, you’ll find a section titled “Talk It Over” where you can share how God is speaking to you. Feel free to share and interact as we follow Jesus together!

Join the 20/20 Challenge

Created by Kids for Kids!

We are developing a series of resources designed by kids for kids and will be making them available online and to our leaders around the globe. Our first set of Salvation cards are available below.

the Go21 Kids Prayer Bookmark

Ready. Set. Go! Our coolest resource for children is a Go21 Kids bookmark. On the front side you’ll find the complete Prayer Covenant prayer, and on the reverse side you will find easy-to-follow action steps that allow every child to be a witnessing disciple.

It is easy to use and simple to share with others.



Full Color
Card Stock


download bookmark


the prayer covenant for Children booklet

Like the book, The Prayer Covenant for Children, the booklet uses stunning illustrations to bring alive key Bible passages that teach children to pray. This cost effective 24-page booklet is easy to use and distribute. It includes an activity worksheet, prayer instructions,  prayer log and the full prayer on one page. for simple reference.

A wonderful handout resource for parents, teachers and ministry leaders, it will not only encourage a passion for prayer in the hearts and minds of the children but also encourage them to minister to others through prayer.




24 pages | Full Color
Saddle Stitched



BUY PC Booklet



Full Color
1/4 Page Folded


download Engager

USA  Engager

Order at EHFC

The Lost Sheep engager Tract

A great way to share how much Jesus loves you with your friends.  We are grateful to Every Home for Christ in helping us create The Lost Sheep Engager adapted from The Prayer Covenant for Children.

It is easy to use and simple to share with others.

THe great commission is for Everyone!

We strongly believe that The Great Commission is not just for adults but for children as well.

The more we invite children into the process; the more we empower them in their walk with Jesus and engage them as partners, the greater their level of commitment and faithfulness to the task resulting in sticky faith.


Prayer Covenant kids around the world are daily praying, “Make me a messenger of your grace, truth and justice. Use me for your glory and to invite others to follow you.” We desire children to grow into a lifestyle of prayer and evangelism that will cause them to flourish in their teens and into adulthood.


We invite your children to submit their drawings to be used on the backs of our Prayer Covenant cards for children as an outreach tool. Ask them this simple question: What picture and message would help you effectively share the gospel with your family and friends? Then have them draw it , write it and mail it to:



Candy Marballi

The Prayer Covenant

P.O. Box 40841

Cincinnati, OH 45240

the Children’s Salvation  Card

The Covenant Prayer for Children is included on side one and a gospel presentation on side two. The gospel presentation concept was created by Gifty Apetogbo, age 10. Illustration by Natalie Schmidt, age 16

It is easy to use and simple to share with others.

Full Color | 4x6 | Card Stock


Click Cards to view sample

download English Cards

Translations available | Click Cover to view/download sample

The best News ever

A reimagined way to share the Gospel Story with KIDS! Includes stories from the gospel, fun illustrations, bible verse references, and an interactive prayer! Story by Becky Olmstead and pictures by Nina Heintz. For ages 3-11.

It is easy to use and simple to share with others.



Full Color
32 Page
Saddle Stitched


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Children’s Prayer Resources!

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Inspiring Go2020 kids!

Inspiring Go2020 kids Stories!

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A Prayer Covenant Go 2020 Kids Africa Story

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