Khushbu Learns about the Creator

People groups are those groups of people who have never heard about the name of Jesus (unreached people group). There are thousands of people groups who are unreached around the world, and India has one of the largest unreached people groups.

One of these unreached people groups in India is Banjara, where our church planter was working. God helped him establish a house church that included a Sunday school.

One day a 6 year old girl, Khushbu, came with her friend to Sunday school while the church planter was sharing a story from the Kids’ Prayer Covenant book. The girl was amazed with God’s character and thrilled to hear that this powerful God was also our creator. As the church planter gave an invitation to receive Christ Khushbu responded. She was so excited that she ran home and told the story to her aunt. The aunt also became excited to hear about this creator God and came back with Khusbu to the church.

We praise God for children who are becoming the source of bringing souls to Christ as they are being discipled through the Kids’ Prayer Covenant.

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