Love – A Prayer Covenant Song

A musical gift to enhance your worship—either at church or in your quiet time.

Mariemont Community Church in Cincinnati has been a special friend of the Prayer Covenant since Jerry Kirk began the Prayer Covenant ministry in 2012.In fact, their pastor, Denis Beausejour encouraged Jerry Kirk to begin the Prayer Covenant ministry as Jerry’s full time focus!

MCC has used the 40 Day Prayer Covenant several times. One of the tasty fruits of this summer’s Prayer Covenant focus was music. Their worship team wrote and performed songs on the Prayer Covenant themes.

Recently their worship leader Paul Rasmussen sent me two of their productions on love and repentance.As you will hear, the vocal quality is clear and warm, the atmosphere/tone is reflective and longing, the guitar work and the cello together are rich and the lyrics are rich and worshipful. Both songs created a hunger in my heart–

We are posting the songs and the words on our site so you can enjoy them. Paul says, “feel free to use them as God leads” —keeping in mind that the copyright belongs to the Mariemont Community Church worship team.Who knows, maybe Paul and his team will do all ten themes and produce a CD?!


My prayer is to know You more
My heart longs to beat with Yours
My heart will beat with Yours
My eyes long to see Your face
The power of Your embrace
The wonder of your love
All my love, all my love, all my love(2x) to you
I’m giving you all my life
I’m laying down my rights
‘Cause I belong to you (2x)
Take my pride my will my plans
All that I have all that I am
My life belongs to you alone just give me Jesus
Just give me Jesus


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