Dr. Jerry Kirk is the Founder of the Prayer Covenant. He served as Senior Pastor of the College Hill Presbyterian Church for nineteen years. In 1986 Dr. Kirk founded the Religious Alliance Against Pornography. He is also the founder of pureHOPE. In 2013, through partnership with other leaders, he established “The Prayer Covenant.”
Rick Schatz is the Chief Operations Officer of The Prayer Covenant. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati in Chemical Engineering and has an MBA from Harvard. He was on staff of pureHOPE, 1990-2016, serving as President and CEO for 14 years. He is also the Executive Director of the Religious Alliance Against Pornography.

Candy L. Marballi is the President and CEO. She has led various children’s ministries for over 25 years in the United States, Japan and the Philippines. She has directed children’s choirs, taught Sunday School classes, and led tutoring programs for at-risk kids. Her passion is to help children develop a heart for God, spurring them on to minister to others with their God given gifts.
Stephen Eyre is the Executive for Ministry Support for the Prayer Covenant. He is co-author, with Jerry Kirk and Candy Marballi of the Prayer Covenant books and has published over 20 titles of Bible studies and books. He serves also as Minister for Congregational Development at Madeira-Silverwood Presbyterian Church and is the Director of the C. S. Lewis Institute for Cincinnati.

Joanie Rielage is the Administrative Assistant for the Prayer Covenant. With 35 years of professional experience she brings both skill and a passion to serve the Lord—she especially loves serving behind the scenes.