The Love of God Card (Pack of 10)

From time to time God’s Spirit impresses on the hearts of his people truths that take on special purpose and passion and fill us with renewed vision and mission.

I believe the following statements have been spoken to my heart for God’s people:

  • “I have made you in my image; you are more important to me than you think.”
  • “I made you to know my love; I love you much more than you think.”

In my heart I hear these truths being spoken emphatically.
He is saying:

  • “I love you much, much more than you think.”
  • “I love you much, much, much more than you think.“

As I listen, I also believe I hear God saying, “You are more important to me than you think for what I intend to do . . . in your city and in my world.”

These truths are repeatedly witnessed to in the scriptures. Believing these truths will heal broken places in our lives and unleash a growing love for the Lord, for each other and for those who do not yet know Jesus.

If you believe this message is from the Lord I encourage you to discover its meaning for your life and to share it with others for whom you pray.



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The Love of God Cards are 10¢ a piece and sold in increments of ten.
(A pack of ten is $1.00)