The protection of the prayer covenant

Patrick Bongole our International Partner in Uganda writes, “Every child needs a roof of prayer to cover their lives and gather living water for their souls. I believe through the Prayer Covenant God is building a prayer roof to cover tens of thousands of kids. Many of them deal with demonic attacks. The kids’ Prayer Covenant encourages children to pray knowing Jesus cannot live with demons. Praying this prayer is providing a hedge of protection.” Here are a couple of testimonies of children who have felt the protection of God through the Prayer Covenant.

“I was afraid of witches almost every night, but now I am no longer afraid since I began to pray. Jesus is the Lord of my life.” Amenuveve, 7 year old girl, Togo

“I did not know how to pray, but now I know how to pray efficiently and pray for other people with the prayer covenant. I had dreams that scared me, but since I began asking Jesus to change me, I do not have those bad dreams. I was worried about my future, but now I am reassured because I know that God controls my life. I had an abortion and was living in guilt, but I am reassured to have received God’s forgiveness. Not only have I been forgiven and God has washed me clean, but I no longer live in sin.” Ayaba, age 21

The Mukisas adopted an HIV positive orphan girl and she was so glad to have a family again. Having gone through the trauma of losing her parents and rejection from her relatives, Sarah lost hope for a good future and was very afraid of death. She writes:

“My new parents took me to the Dove church and I joined Sunday School. We were taught how Jesus loves every child regardless of our circumstance. They gave me a Prayer Card, which I used to pray with my new brothers. I am no longer so worried of death now because when we pray the prayer on the card, before sleeping, Jesus comes and protects us”

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