Shaping souls and building character

The saving Lordship of Christ shapes our character—we call that process sanctification. It is a joy to read the following testimonies about childrengrow in the sanctification as they begin to use the Prayer Covenant.

“I used to insult lots of people all the time and loved getting revenge against those who I felt offended me. But since I began praying the prayer covenant, people can insult me, but I no longer feel angry or offended. In fact, it is hard for me to insult people. I believe it is because the Lord has transformed me.” Pascal, 12, Togo

“I failed my first school term. I began to pray the Kids’ PC and ask the Lord to use me for His glory. Now my grade average has risen to the next level. I believe it is through prayer that God helped me and I have not failed.”
Soglo, 12, Togo

“I always seemed to get angry very quickly. I asked Jesus to change me and He did it. I no longer get angry. Also, I cannot easily remember the lessons in school, but since I am committed to pray in partnership for 40 days, I remember things well and doing better in school.” Yaovi, 14 year old boy

“It was difficult for me to stay without sex, but now my life has changed and I no longer think about doing these things with boys.” Solim, 19 year old girl

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