“Christian leaders will find this to be a worthwhile investment as we all are blessed to see the positive effect on those choosing to live the life of Christ.”

– Jerry Fullinwider

“Since the day I committed myself to this, God has used my prayer life to change me to love others.”

– Vik Marballi, Director, Procter & Gamble Executive

“This elegantly simple concept has transformed to lives of many of the members (of our church) and has been part of the foundation for multiple ministries arising out of the church.”

– Thomas W. Osborn, Ph.D.

“When Jerry explained to me the Prayer Covenant relationships that he has developed with hundreds of other individuals, I better understood the source of his energy and enthusiasm in service of God’s people.”

– Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, Archdiocese of Kansas City

“My time with God is richer and deeper than ever. His presence is felt all through the day and my witness is improving.”

– John Kieffer, President, The Results Group

“Prayer changes everything.”

– Woodie J. Stevens, D.Min., Global Director SDMI, Church of the Nazarene

More Testimonials

“It is my opinion that this Prayer Covenant will be of assistance in facilitating the awakening we have long prayed for in America.”

– Dr. Lou Shirey, Director, IPHC Clergy Development and WIN Prayer Ministry

“The Prayer Covenant that Jerry has created is a powerful commitment that has and will continue to enrich the lives of all who enter into its blessing.”

– William L Clippard, III, President, Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc.

“This Prayer Covenant has proven to be a great vehicle for aiding me in deepening my prayer life.” – Mike Kelly, Vice President, Macy’s Inc.

“This Prayer Covenant holds ‘compounding’ potential for the Kingdom’s sake.”

– Bishop J. Talmadge Gardner, Executive Director, World Missions Ministries, IPHC

“The idea of the prayer covenant is brilliant as an ever growing impact on more and more people as they are praying for others…I think I would somewhat compare it to tax-deferred, compounding interest.”

– R. Philip Sarnecki, CLU, Managing Partner

“As chairman of the Global Prayer initiative for Convoy of Hope, I have seen the results of prayer…I believe the Prayer Covenant is vital for those who are followers of Jesus Christ, especially at this time in the history of America.”

– Dr. Thomas E. Trask, Global Prayer Initiative

“It has enabled me to have more freedom in my thoughts, decisions and outlook everyday.”

–Sean McKay, General Manager-Lynx Enterprises

“As a pastor I continue to enter into the Prayer Covenant with people and I have seen God use it powerfully in the lives of many of the hundreds of people I have entered into it with over the years!”

– Bill Craig, Pastor for Spiritual Formation and Direction, Hope Church

“The Prayer Covenant that Jerry Kirk advocates is a wonderfully inspirational and supportive guide that encourages Christians to enter a new and deepened level of prayer. We need that!”

– Randall A. Bach, President, Open Bible Churches

“When the content of this Prayer Covenant is employed with transparency, both before God and with one other person, God responds to the cry of our heart. The Prayer Covenant reflects God’s very heart, and offers an expressed longing He takes great joy in meeting.”

– Paul Leland, Sales Executive

“Along with Jerry’s support, the ‘Prayer Covenant’ has helped strengthen me. It has brought me closer to God’s grace. With God’s grace all things are possible.”

– Peter Klekamp, PLK Communities

“My life has been personally impacted by the Prayer Covenant, and I believe that the Prayer Covenant will be used powerfully in the lives of God’s people throughout our country.”

– Galen R. Warren, M.D.

church-leader1“The longer I pray the Prayer Covenant the more I become aware of how it is changing me. I notice a new confidence in who I am in Christ Jesus. There is contentment in my days. I find myself enjoying the little things I usually take for granted. For me the line where I give God permission to change me any way He wants is a dynamite prayer challenge. The longer I pray this Covenant the more the various lines become imbedded in my heart, which I find is creating a change in the way I think of others. He is an awesome God.”

– EVELYN MCCARTHY, Elder, Madeira Silverwood Presbyterian Church

testimonial_bussinessman“The Prayer Covenant is shaping me in very specific ways. As I have been praying the prayer covenant:1) My thought life, words and behaviors are more ordered and controlled by the Holy Spirit. God frees up my thought life andenergy for the positive aspects of life vs. the negative aspects of worry, temptations, etc. and I am more focused, strategic, at peace and excited about what the day and the future going to hold. 2) I venture out and take more risks to fulfill my life purpose, to have spiritual conversations in the market place and use my God-given strengths at work to boldly grow the business to the next S-curve. 3) God is changing me from ‘wanting everything planned in detail’ to ‘trusting Him more each day and for the future’.”

– VIKRAM MARBALLI, Global Innovation QA Director, Paper Sector, Procter & Gamble

mission_leader1“As I prayed the prayer covenant for myself, my life began to change. I was at a low point and it really helped remind me of who God is and who I am in him. I knew that I was enjoying praying the prayer, but my husband even noticed a difference in my life and commented on it. I’m now praying it in covenant with 3 others, which is even more powerful. I love it when one of them texts that they’re praying for me and a certain line really stood out in regards to my day. And, I’m excited about using it as a corporate prayer tool for an upcoming global meeting. The fact that it is translated into so many languages and posted on the
internet makes it easy to use internationally.”

– BEKAH BOSWELL, SIL International

pastorAlmost 90% of our congregation entered into the Prayer Covenant and it has shifted our culture. There is now an atmosphere of prayer; there is an attitude of warfare in prayer; and there is a mindset of keeping each other’s spirit up in prayer. As the senior leader of our congregation, I attribute this cultural shift of prayer to The 40-Day Prayer Covenant. We are
moving from a “house that prays” to a “house of prayer”.

-JERRY CULBRETH, Senior Elder and Apostle, Tryed Stone New Beginning Church, Cincinnati, Ohio