Jerry Kirk first heard of the Prayer Covenant in the summer of 1967. He was riding in a car with Don Reyberg, a Pittsburgh business leader. They were on their way to a state church leader’s meeting and were supposed to speak on evangelism.

Jerry asked what the Lord had been doing lately in Don’s life. Don had recently heard the final sermon of an Episcopal minister, Dr. Sam Shoemaker. The message was called Get changed, Get together, and Get going, and it had changed Don’s life.

Don explained that Get changed – meant giving our lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Get together – meant to join in deep community with other believers. Get going – meant asking God to show us how to reach others for the Kingdom of Jesus.

After this sermon, Don had met with a number of men in “employment anonymous”. Over a period of 18 months, Don worked with other believers to lead men to Jesus as their Lord, and to encourage them together to seek the Lord. There were lots of answered prayers and amazing stories of more than 350 men finding work and the Lord in this time! Jerry had never heard anyone with this quantity and quality of stories!

Don then asked Jerry to enter into a 30 day prayer covenant with him – a simple prayer – we give as much of ourselves to Christ as we can to as much of Christ as we understand! We ask Jesus to be Lord on our own first and then for the other! It was an amazing experience! Everyone Jerry met wanted to be in a prayer covenant! Just like Don, the same flood of stories and changed lives erupted all around Jerry.

One example was a woman who came to Jerry worried that she was in danger of losing her marriage. They entered into a prayer covenant together. Later as the covenant continued, she came to Jerry saying she could not pray the prayer. Jerry asked why and she said because she was having an affair! Jerry asked if her honesty was due to the prayer, and it was! Now she truly was ready to pray the prayer, and years later she visited Jerry to share the story of their marriage being healed!

In Jerry’s first week at College Hill Church in Cincinnati, a man named Bob Shek gave his testimony about leaving P&G to a mid-week bible study group. Jerry was overwhelmed with the power of Bob’s testimony and yet was supposed to wrap up the evening. Jerry gave a very subtle Presbyterian altar call: he told folks that in fifteen minutes he would meet in the lounge room with anyone who wanted to talk further.

Sixteen people came and each one took time to share their hearts. One more person came back after going out for a drink because they were also compelled to share. Two hours later, Jerry knew God was doing something special with the group. He asked people to enter into a Prayer Covenant and all agreed.

Gil and Joanne Hopkins were in that group. Gil was a hellion – but he ended up giving his life to Jesus. Six months later, Jerry gave him the church youth group having seen how much Gil had grown and his obvious gifting to work with kids. Gil called each one in next two weeks – and started a teen breakfast club – 65 kids came every week at 630 am on a Wednesday. Within a year, Gil had reached 700 kids!

Jerry has spent the last 46 years speaking about the Prayer Covenant and praying with people in a variety of covenants all over the world. He has spoken on the Prayer Covenant at Montreath, the home of Billy Graham. He has spoken around the country and in dozens of churches.

Jerry has been in over 9000 individual prayer covenants. His own life has been profoundly changed and formed by prayers of those people praying for him. Jerry has been in Prayer Covenants with members of his own family and seen three subsequent generations transformed by it.

When Jerry preached at Mariemont Church in 2005 – 95% of the people came forward. Prayers during the following month led to miraculous meetings with Attorney General and the head of the FCC on same day
This testimony changed the ministry of PureHope and of Mariemont Church. The lives of more than 150 Christian leaders have been transformed by the Prayer Covenant. Just in the past month over 1800 Prayer Covenant cards have been ordered by ministries all over the USA.

The Prayer Covenant transforms lives because it is a process and a prayer anchored in the Scriptures and is in direct obedience to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. May this short history encourage you and welcome you into a movement we pray will result in an awakening to Jesus Christ as Lord, for his Kingdom and his glory!