• Prayer is power

    Stories on How Parents Use The Prayer Covenant

    Our leaders often hear from parents who have used the prayer covenant resources to minister to their children. Today is one of those stories. I trust it will bless you. Passage from Philippians Philippians 4:6 and 7 is a passage...

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  • Prayer Covenant for Children Sharing the Hope of the Gospel

    Learn more about the Prayer Covenant Children Ministering to Children in Jail Sharing the Hope of the Gospel! Welcome to Teach us to Pray with The Prayer Covenant ministry. I’m your host Candy Marballi and I’m so happy you’ve joined...

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  • Prayer Covenant for Kids

    The Power of the Prayer Covenant for Kids

    How often we pray, and rightfully so, Lord of the harvest send forth laborers, Yet the Church has been overlooking the laborers within their own walls, the children and youth. How are old ways of bringing up children in the...

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