• Grace is a gift

    Meet Jesus Each Day

    We read in Mark 1:35, Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. It takes discipline to meet Jesus each day, a...

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  • church planters

    Church Planters in South Asia

    Our leaders in South Asia are church planters. A church is defined as one that has 20 baptized believers, including children which number from 6 to 8. The leader of the church is called a coach. Church Planters in South...

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  • The Emptiness of the Comparison

    The Comparison to Others

    Inwardly and silently, we are slaves to the world and its changing expectations, demands and norms. Comparing Ourselves to Others How often do you walk into a room full of friends or people from school and start to compare yourself?...

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  • prayer covenant theme

    The 10th Prayer Covenant Theme

    We continue today with the tenth and final Prayer Covenant theme from the prayer covenant for women, Authority. Jesus Heals Jesus often demonstrated His authority over sickness and disease when He healed the afflicted. The book of Mark, chapter 5,...

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  • repentance

    The Importance of Forgiveness

    We have been talking through the fourth unshakeable or theme in the prayer covenant, repentance and the importance of forgiveness and how the two are integrally linked. Traumatic Events and Forgiveness Our family went through a terribly painful and traumatic...

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  • Gentleness and patience

    Compassion: The Teachings of Jesus

    As we continue with compassion, we see Jesus often moved with compassion. He taught about it and demonstrated it throughout His ministry on earth. One stunning example is found in John 8:3-11, which reads: The teachers of the law and...

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