• Ten Themes

    The Ten Themes of The Prayer Covenant

    Together we have walked through the ten themes of the prayer covenant in prior recordings. The Discipleship line of the prayer reads, Use me for your glory and to invite others to follow you. When children pray that prayer from...

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  • Remove term: Testimony of Commitment Testimony of Commitment

    A Testimony of Commitment

    Today we delve into the theme of commitment in the Prayer Covenant. A Testimony from a Follower of Jesus This is the personal testimony of a dear friend, co-laborer, full committed and sold-out follower of Jesus who happens to also...

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  • Glory be to God

    Story from Chad About The Prayer Covenant

    Today’s story comes from Chad, one of the largest landlocked countries in the world, located in Central Africa. Glory Be To God Our sister writes, in Chad there are many churches even though we are a Muslim country. Glory be...

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  • Christian Missions in Africa

    A Prayer for Christian Missions in Africa

    Christian Missions in Africa Today we find ourselves on the African continent in a country where Christians endure religious persecution. He writes, “We are faced with many challenges on a daily basis. I did not go there at first thinking...

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  • lifestyle of prayer

    The Prayer Covenant – A Lifestyle of Prayer

    Lifestyle of Prayer Many ask the question, “What is a prayer covenant?” A prayer covenant is a simple prayer that helps you develop a lifestyle of prayer as your partner in prayer with others. Though we are surrounded by a...

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  • lord loves

    Sharing the Gospel

    Today we continue with Influence, one of the unshakeables in the Prayer Covenant. Previously we heard Anuja’s testimony and how God is using her and her husband to minister to children in India that are living in severe poverty. God...

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