This is an invitation for children to experience prayer like never before. Jesus invites them into the presence of their heavenly Father, reassuring them of his never-ending love and his desire to hear from them daily.


3rd Edition! The Prayer Covenant for Children BOOK!

111 pages | 8.5×11 | Hard Cover and Soft Cover

The Prayer Covenant for Children is an invitation for children to experience prayer like never before. Dynamic activities like popcorn prayer, coloring pages, experiential games and much, much more make it fun and engaging for all.

The Prayer Covenant for Children BOOKLET!

24 pages | 5.5×8.5 | Saddle Stitched

Like the book, The Prayer Covenant for Children, the booklet uses stunning illustrations to bring alive key Bible passages that teach children to pray. This cost effective 24-page booklet is easy to use and distribute.

The Children’s Prayer CARD!

2 sides | 8.5×11 and 4×6 | Card Stock

In partnership with The Joshua Project and Indigitous (a Cru ministry), we have developed this prayer card for children that equips them to pray over the 31 frontier people groups and learn more about them using the QR codes provided.

The Prayer Covenant For Children COLORING BOOK!

24 pages | 8.5×11 | Saddle Stitched

These 24 pages of activity are designed to be used in conjunction with The Prayer Covenant for Children’s book, booklet and prayer cards. Students can color scenes from the Bible stories that illustrate the ten prayer themes.

Play It Games!

13 pages | 8.5×11 | Free Download

Play It Games includes a fun game for each of the 10 prayer lessons. Play It Games are now included in the 3rd edition of The Prayer Covenant for Children book!


I am Grace and I am 10 years old. I often had nightmares when I slept. But when I began praying, I felt at peace and could sleep. The Lord is the master of my slumber.

I know how I can pray if my parents are not with me. I start by praying through the prayer card and continue until I end the prayer by saying, “In Jesus name, Amen.” I feel joy every time I pray early in the morning. Elisee, age 5


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