“Pray at all Times,”

(I Thessalonians 5.17)

By Rev. Elias Apetogbo

President & CEO

The Prayer Covenant

The Lord knows why He commanded us to always pray. I have tasted the goodness of this verse.

Praying in all circumstances, praying anywhere, praying when you are weak, praying if you are not qualified, praying even when your prayers are not yet answered, praying if you trust prayer, praying if you doubt, praying, praying, and praying in the name of Jesus Christ through the Power of the Holy Spirit is more than vital.

Seven years after launching Guinos Foundation, a ministry which brings together children and youth around Bible-believing denominations for Bible championship competitions, I felt another burden: How do we make sure that the
Scripture learned by children and youth from Guinos Foundation transforms them positively? I then started praying to the Lord to help me find a way to increase the influence of the ministry of Guinos Foundation in their lives.

One day in 2014, when I was going to the village of Moretan in Togo to teach in a Baptist Seminary called IBBT, I was in a motorcycle accident. When I was in the bush sitting in the dust and checking whether I could stand up and walk or not, I prayed and ask the Lord: ‘Lord, I have been going to all the corners of my country teaching and preaching. Now please open doors to take planes and do the same.’

A very short prayer at an inappropriate time. But the Lord heard that prayer, and that very same year, I received an invitation to attend the 4/14 Window Movement Conference in New York City. There, the Lord ministered to me
with Proverbs 16.7 which says; ““When the Lord approves the ways of a man, He has disposed of even his enemies favorably toward him.””

One of my leaders also attended the Conference. The man did not want me to attend the conference and was trying to hinder me. He was not ready to promote me in any way at all. He happened to receive a copy of the Power of the Prayer Covenant for Children on a table at the conference. One of Elias’ colleagues saw the book and asked where he received such a beautiful book.

My colleague and I then went to Candy’s table and gave me a copy which transformed the orientation of my ministry.

A few months later I joined The Prayer Covenant Ministry fully, started praying the Covenantal Prayer model with lots of Christians both inside the church where I was serving as Senior Pastor and outside of the church with the Guinos Foundation Association as well as other non-denominational ministries

Line 2 (Love) of the Adult Prayer Covenant Prayer, “By your grace make knowing, loving and obeying you my highest priority (each day)” and line 6 of the Children’s Prayer Covenant Prayer, “Jesus, I want to follow you as my Lord, change me any way you want” were so powerful in my own personal Christian life.

The Prayer Covenant (PC) was exactly the ministry I needed to fill the gap in my heart after founding Guinos. I started leading PC first as the national coordinator for Togo, then as French Speaking Africa Coordinator, then as the Africa Continent Coordinator before being elected as its President and Chief Executive Officer in March 2023.

I didn’t stop praying to the Lord with lines 8 and 9 of the Prayer Covenant for Children: “Make me an instrument of your grace, truth, and justice; Use me for your glory and to invite others to follow you.” What a powerful prayer if only we pray from our hearts through the Power of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ!

The Prayer Covenant has changed my life, and the Lord is using me for His glory. At age 44, I was elected the youngest General Secretary of the All Africa Baptist Fellowship which brings together more than 51, 000 local churches across the Continent of Africa.

I am living my brand and experiencing the impact of the Power of the Prayer Covenant in the lives of millions of people, especially children and youth. It is just amazing! The Prayer Covenant is a wonderful ministry as it is aligned
with the mandate of the Lord, to make disciples of all nations. Without a prayer lifestyle, there is no discipleship.

As the Word of God teaches us from John 14.12 and Hebrews 11.39, 40; we do strongly believe that greater and better things are in store that the Lord wants to do if we cooperate with Him.

What the Lord started through the ministry of The Prayer Covenant, has not only changed my life but changed the lives of millions of people around the world, especially the children and youth; and He wants to do more today. With a full heart I ask that you join the movement if you have not yet done so!

Don’t quit now if you are already in!

Remember the time is NOW!

Let us follow Jesus Together!

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