Stories from Children around the world

Fiza, Pakistan

I was not a churchgoer. I was a nominal Christian. Once I saw a gathering of Sunday school children. At first I did not want to go inside the church. As I was standing at the main gate I saw a Forty Day Prayer Covenant team teaching about a prayer card. I asked myself “Is it for me?” I decided to go in; the teaching of this Prayer Card touched my life. I felt something happening in me. Jesus was knocking at my heart door. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. Then I prayed for myself and my prayer partner for 40 Days. I am thankful for prayer team and prayer card who changed my life.

Esther, Uganda

The Kids’ Prayer Covenant has given me many things. I told my friend about the Prayer Covenant and started praying with her and now my friend is following Jesus as her Savior.

DAWE, 10

I often had headaches, but now I do not get them. Also, I have shared Jesus with my Muslim neighbor who is 12 years old and I took him to church. He comes to church now.

Adje, age 11, Togo

I’m happy because God has helped me to bring one of my comrades to receive Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. I think God answered my prayer when I asked him to ‘help me invite others to follow Him.’ I continue to talk to others.

Amenuveve, 7, Togo

I was afraid of witches almost every night, but now I am no longer afraid since I began to pray. Jesus is the Lord of my life.

Ayaba, age 21

I did not know how to pray, but now I know how to pray efficiently and pray for other people with the prayer covenant. I had dreams that scared me, but since I began asking Jesus to change me, I do not have those bad dreams. I was worried about my future, but now I am reassured because I know that God controls my life. I had an abortion and was living in guilt, but I am reassured to have received God’s forgiveness. Not only have I been forgiven and God has washed me clean, but I no longer live in sin.

Soglo, 12, Togo

“I failed my first school term. I began to pray the Kids’ PC and ask the Lord to use me for His glory. Now my grade average has risen to the next level. I believe it is through prayer that God helped me and I have not failed.”

Ameyo, 10, africa

I suffered from sore eyes. When I read, I felt excruciating pain in my eyes. But after I began to pray, I no longer felt this pain. I think I am cured. Glory be to God.

Grace, 10, africa

I am Grace and I am 10 years old. I often had nightmares when I slept. But when I began praying, I felt at peace and could sleep. The Lord is the master of my slumber.

Merveille, 11, africa

My school is far from my house. I had asked my dad to buy me a bicycle to facilitate my travel to school. He said he had no money. After I started praying, one week later my dad got the money to buy me a bicycle. I thank God.

Esther, 8, africa

Luckily for me, I began to pray. People tried to give me the spirit of witchcraft but never succeeded because there is a stronger man in my life, Jesus is the one.

Shozain, Pakistan

I am regular student of Sunday school. One day my teacher taught me about prayer and its importance. I was in practice of offering my prayer off and on. One day my teacher taught me about 40 day prayer covenant. I ignored that because it was not so attractive for me. My prayer partner kept on asking me what I prayed for that day, and I had no answer. Then I read the prayer card thoroughly. It touched my heart. I started praying for me and my partner daily. Now someday if I forget to pray I feel something is missing in my life. I am thankful for God and the 40 day prayer team.

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