A Transformed Boy

A mother, who was a member of one of our church planter’s churches, came to the church planter and his wife, sharing her concerns about her son, Akash, who fell into bad company of friends. He became very disobedient, disrespectful, … Continued

Including the kids? oh yeah, why didn’t I think of that!

The church around the world is just beginning to learn about the importance of ministry to and through children. We pray that the following testimony will repeated by church leaders everywhere! “We’ve been preparing for a 40-day prayer session as … Continued

Shaping souls and building character

The saving Lordship of Christ shapes our character—we call that process sanctification. It is a joy to read the following testimonies about childrengrow in the sanctification as they begin to use the Prayer Covenant. “I used to insult lots of … Continued

The protection of the prayer covenant

Patrick Bongole our International Partner in Uganda writes, “Every child needs a roof of prayer to cover their lives and gather living water for their souls. I believe through the Prayer Covenant God is building a prayer roof to cover … Continued

Kid’s reaching kids

We believe that children should not only be the objects of ministry, but be servants of our Lord to reach out to other children. You can read how this happening in the following testimony. “The Kids’ Prayer Covenant has given … Continued