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  • Free prayer resources

    My Heart Soared

    My Heart Soared I can hardly wait to see what God does through the upcoming GACX forum. My first GACX meeting was the children’s ministry strategy intensive at the 2018 forum. From the moment I arrived, the presence of God’s...

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  • Prayer Covenant for Kids

    The Power of the Prayer Covenant for Kids

    How often we pray, and rightfully so, Lord of the harvest send forth laborers, Yet the Church has been overlooking the laborers within their own walls, the children and youth. How are old ways of bringing up children in the...

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  • Believe In Jesus Christ As My Savior and Lord

    Believe in Jesus Christ as The Savior and Lord

    Today’s story comes from a restricted country in Asia. We are unable to name for the safety of our leaders there. But we are delighted and thrilled to see what God is doing as the ministry of the Prayer Covenant...

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  • Sharing the love of Jesus

    Grace, Love, and Compassion

    “Thank You For Teaching Us to Pray!” –Children from Medellin, Colombia Today’s story is from Medellin, Colombia, where our ministry parters, New Generations Foundation adopted the Prayer Covenant for children several years ago and have been using it among at-risk...

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  • lifestyle of prayer and evangelism

    Enable me to love others as you love me

    Today’s story is super special and from the Dominican Republic. It beautifully illustrates how God uses children with their simple child-like faith to build His kingdom. Our leader shared this at a conference several years ago. This 8 year old...

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  • Families in Prayer

    Live under the protection of God

    Families Prayer Our prayer is that during these challenging times, you and your families are doing well physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Our passage today is Psalm 91—a favorite I’ve often prayed over our children. Live under the protection of...

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  • prayer for encouragement

    Develop a Lifestyle of Prayer

    Starting The Prayer Covenant for Children in Your Church Hello everyone. This is Candy Marballi with Teach us to Pray, sponsored by The Prayer Covenant ministry in the State of Ohio. Our mission is leading children and adults to follow...

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  • The Prayer Covenant Mexico

    We Pray in the Name of Jesus

    The Prayer Covenant for Children Mexico Launch! Welcome to Teach us to Pray with The Prayer Covenant ministry. I’m your host Candy Marballi and I’m so happy you’ve joined us. Our passage today is from Psalm 145. One of my...

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  • Prayer Covenant for Children Sharing the Hope of the Gospel

    Learn more about the Prayer Covenant Children Ministering to Children in Jail Sharing the Hope of the Gospel! Welcome to Teach us to Pray with The Prayer Covenant ministry. I’m your host Candy Marballi and I’m so happy you’ve joined...

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